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Palm Springs Life Examines Frank Sinatra’s Homes in Palm Springs


Palm Springs Life recently ran a piece about the Greater Palm Springs homes of Frank Sinatra. Such an article could never be written without inlcuding one of our favorite vacation rental properties and Frank Sinatra's first home in the Coachella Valley, Twin Palms Estate. Here's what they had to say about this amazing home and Frank's time there:

"In 1947, Frank Sinatra had become a millionaire, and so he followed the lead of many other show business millionaires — he headed to Palm Springs.

He’d been going there for years, taking advantage of the desert’s relaxing atmosphere at the Lone Palm Hotel, according to his daughter Nancy, but he was getting ready to settle in now that he had the dough. The choice of asylums was easy: For decades, Palm Springs had served as a sleep-away camp for celebrities, a place where everyone stopped asking questions as soon as you crossed Windy Point.

Frank made up his mind. He would build a little home, just meant for two, a place he could get away from it all. And he’d build it in Loveland Palm Springs. On second thought, he’d build it a little bit further away, actually. Back then most of the action was at Charlie Farrell and Ralph Bellamy’s Racquet Club on the north side of the village, but Frank did not like it there much.

Sinatra wanted his own house with his own friends around. In May, he walked into the architecture offices of Williams, Williams and Williams and talked to one of the Williamses, E. Stewart. He asked a few questions and then dropped the bomb. The house would have to be designed and built in time for holiday entertaining a mere seven months away.

And it was a good thing Sinatra was now a millionaire: 'We used triple shifts,' the late Williams recalled, sending the costs skyward.

Sinatra envisioned a sort of Georgian-type mansion, but E. Stewart had other ideas: a perfectly Palm Springs midcentury home, in a style currently in mad vogue all over the desert. Glass, steel, and simplicity. And by Christmas it was ready, nicknamed 'Twin Palms' for the two impossibly tall trunks on the property.

It was there at Twin Palms that Sinatra could escape from the hounding press as well as the feeling that somehow Hollywood had not fully accepted him. And it was Twin Palms that would bear witness to the great drama that was his infatuation, second marriage, and chain of heartbreak with Ava Gardner.

'The [Twin Palms] house was the site of the most spectacular fight of our young married life,' Ava once revealed. 'We were always having one of our fights — as if that was anything new. I was always deciding that I couldn’t live with him, and he was always trying to bring me back.'

Furniture and fixtures, by the way, often took a beating at Twin Palms. One of the sinks in the master bedroom, for example, got whacked by a hurled Champagne bottle, the damage still visible today.

The Frank–Ava marriage lasted six years but ended in exhaustion and divorce in 1957. Sinatra, not about to live with those memories but still wanting to live in the desert, sold the home and moved east to what was then called Wonder Palms Road and Tamarisk Country Club"

The commission of Twin Palms signalled Frank's "arrival", and bears several highlights the were 100% sinatra, like the piano shaped pool and custom recording studio still residing in the living room.

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