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gogobot: Palm Springs #1 Hippest Mid-Sized City in America


Travel website/app GoGoBot ( recently ran a piece spotlighting the the 10 hippest mid-sized

cities in America. Does it really surprise anyone to see that Palm Springs is #1? With our world class dining, museums, galleries, three local craft breweries, and an ever increasing slate of music festivals including Coachella, Stage Coach and Splash House, what other city even comes close?

From the GoGoBot piece:
"Once upon a time, Palm Springs was known for being a retirement haven where the post-employment crowd liked to spend their vacations and golden years. Boy, has that changed. While it’s still Baby Boomer-friendly, it’s now also LGBT-friendly, foodie-friendly, mircrobrew-friendly, and millennial-friendly."

When you visit Palm Springs (and you know you will), no one does luxury Palm Springs vacation rentals like Beau Monde Villas. We offer a variety of Mid-Century modern homes by notable modernist architects, as well as celebrity homes like the Merv Griffin Estate and Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms Estate. Every home feaures beautifully appointed lving spaces and quarters, private pool, spa, modern kitchen. Add to this Beau Monde's personal concierge service, and you have a Palm Springs Vacation dreams are made of.

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Click here to read the article on gogobot.

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